What is your opinion on online dating?

There is a report in the United States that
about 26.4% of American adults (16 years and older) pay for online dating
services. Such a high proportion ranks first in the world. This was followed by
the UK and Germany, with 20.8% and 17% respectively. China ranked ninth with
11.1%. It can be seen that most countries are not exclusive to making friends


In fact, online dating has become a booming
industry. Many people use the Internet to find marriage, love or sexual
partners. According to the US report, in 2016, the global value of dating
services was $4.6 billion, with online dating users accounting for the largest
proportion, reaching 65%. Among all the countries, the United States
contributed the most to the whole industry, with 1.9 billion US dollars, 1.2
billion US dollars in Europe and 570 million US dollars in China.


Why is online dating so popular? When it
comes to online dating, we can all think of some experiences of ourselves or
the people around us, which is almost everywhere. Therefore, online dating has
become quite common.


Usually, it takes quite a long time to
prepare for a traditional date. Especially for girls, we need to take a bath,
dress carefully and spend time deciding which bag to take or which shoes to
wear. Plus the time you spend on traffic.

It’s just preparation before the date.


On a date, we may need to spend two to
three hours watching a movie and another two hours eating a meal. After the
date, we have to spend time communicating with each other. The whole date takes
at least seven hours, one hour to dress up, two hours to travel and four hours
to date.

However, online dating is much simpler:
open the social app and make time to chat at any time to have an online


In addition to the economic cost, generally
speaking, a whole set of dating process will cost about $5 for girls and $50
for boys. Ideally, you need to date at least three people to find your one.
Suppose you have three appointments a week. So for a boy, he needs to spend
$50x3x4 = 600 a month, the economic cost is still relatively high. According to
the report, online dating costs only  15dollar.


Therefore, whether from energy or economic
cost, online dating can reduce the pressure of people to a certain extent, and
this way of making friends is in great demand in today’s increasingly fast pace
of life.

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