What made you upset today?

If anything bothers me, it must be my neighbors upstairs, because their family is a new young couple. They have a white Samoye. This dog may be unfamiliar with the new environment. It barks in the middle of the night, and the barking usually lasts for an hour.
What’s more, they often call a group of friends to Party in the middle of the night. I’m a person who loves writing. But since my neighbor moved here, I haven’t been quiet and late, and I haven’t had inspiration for writing.
But I am most angry with the sound of house decoration that wakes me from my sweet dream every morning. you ‘re right!! It’s still my neighbor who just moved upstairs. I’m really angry that I’m forced to wake up every day.
So I’m not energetic when I go to work. It’s really annoying that my neighbors always make noise. It’s going to affect my life. Maybe I’ll call the police.
I don’t know if there are such things around you. Can you give me some advice?

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