What makes a person boring?

I wonder if anyone has ever worried about boredom? Maybe it never happened before that they bored the people around them, or they were really attractive and knew how to be attractive.
So what makes a person boring?
1. The most boring behavior is “negative egoism” – becoming negative and complaining. They always discuss their own problems and are not interested in other people’s affairs.
2. Always discuss trivial or superficial things, only interested in one topic, and always repeat the same story or joke.
3. Speaking slowly, or pausing for a long time in reply, or taking a long time to give an opinion makes the conversation very slow.
4. There is no point of view, there is no predictability, it is likely to confirm what others have said.
5. Self centered – this is very obvious: always talking about your own things.
6. Serious – always talk about things seriously and seldom laugh.
7. Become interesting or nice in order to impress others.
8. Distraction – do something that interferes with the conversation, and it’s easy to change the subject.

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