What makes a person classy?

If you want to be a person with good taste,
you should not only try to enrich yourself, but also improve your internal


Since I was a child, I like dancing very
much. I like their lightness, elegance and self-confidence. In order to improve
my temperament, I have been learning Latin dance since university, and feel the
happiness brought by Latin dance.


Life should be the same, sometimes as
gentle as rumba, slow, quietly enjoy every breath, step gently, skirt gently,
elegant and beautiful; Sometimes it is as lively and unrestrained as a cowboy,
with cheerful steps and leaping skirts, full of love for life everywhere;
sometimes it is full of passion like a bullfight, spinning rapidly under the
sonorous and exciting music, stretching, firm and powerful.


How to make yourself a man of taste depends
on your attitude towards life. No matter when and where, no one can stop you
from being elegant. come on.

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