What psychological facts shock you?

The following psychological facts may shock you too late!
1. Children born in May are heavier than those born in other months

2. Girls don’t like to be watched unless, first of all, she stares at you

3. Being amused by a joke requires five different brain regions to be activated at the same time

4. The pain of being rejected is considered by the brain to be a real physical pain

5. The number of murderers born in November is twice as high as in other months
6. If you never dream, it’s likely that your mental state is out of balance
7. The stranger you see in your dreams is actually someone who has appeared in your real life

8.  When you cry with joy, tears will come out first from the right. And when you cry with grief, tears come out first from the left

9. Men speak about 12500 words a day, while women speak about 22000 words a day

10. People who have sex later (after age 19) are more likely to have higher income, higher education and more satisfaction with the relationship than those who have sex prematurely

11. The more people like to give advice on life, the worse they usually get
12. Men are not happier than women. Men just like to joke more than care for others, whether they like their humor or not.
13. Being single for a long time is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day for your health
14. Saliva can’t digest things, usually you can’t taste
15. Keep hinting that you slept well last night, and your brain will believe it

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