What psychological trick changed your life?

Some of the psychological techniques may
seem strange, but they really work.

apple relieves anxiety

If you have claustrophobia in small places,
such as subway, elevator and wardrobe, try smelling green apples, which can
help relieve anxiety. If you sell a house, you can put a basket of fresh green
apples on the table, which will make the buyer think your house is bigger.


According to the survey, people with
positive names will live 4.5 years longer, people with ordinary names will only
live 3 years longer, while negative names will shorten life expectancy.

to the bathroom and choose the first place

After investigating 51 public toilets,
experts found that the first location closest to the toilet door had the least
bacteria and the most tissue. And not many people use the first location
because people are concerned about their privacy. Be sure to stand up straight
when flushing, because the water will contain toxic bacteria when splashing up,
which can infect people with intestinal bacteria and hepatitis.

the broken arm with a magazine

If you have a broken arm, cover it with a
thick magazine. Roll up the magazine and wrap it with rope. This is the best

blame yourself for losing the key

The study found that young people and older
people have very different explanations for misplacing the key. Young people
complain about who took the key, while older people complain that they don’t
know where to put the key. Don’t use age as an excuse at any time. It’s a very
useful psychological hint.

the other leg when it itches

When you itch, scratch the same part on the
opposite side, which makes you feel like you’re tickling.

in driving skills

If you’re driving a long-distance bus,
imagine how your back will react if someone drops a glass of ice water from
your neck. Remember to drive with this back.

away the trouble

Before going to bed, prepare some notes in
the bathroom. When you get up the next day, write down the people and things
that make you angry on them, and then tear them into pieces that can be washed
away by the toilet. It seems that the things you worry about are washed away.
Strange as it is, it works.

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