What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know?

I work in the office. If someone talks to
me and refuses to let me continue to work well, I will stand up and get myself
a glass of water.

But! After I get the water, I don’t go back
to my desk, I walk directly to their desk. They go back to their desks and sit
down. The rest is very simple. End the conversation and get back to work.


If you want to be a popular person and
don’t want to flatter each other with affectation

Then praise others in the back!!!


My friend needs to stop people who come to
walk their dogs when they patrol the wilderness. Because the area is considered
a wilderness, dogs are not allowed in to protect the ecology.

The Ranger told him not to stop him if he
saw a dog walker, but to say, “are you looking for a place to walk your

In this way, they can pretend not to see
the prohibition sign and pretend that they don’t know the rules to save their

This is a very good way to dissuade, in
other aspects of life can also use this psychological skills.


The tip I just read: don’t say “I
know” but say “you’re right”

This will make others feel comfortable in
the heart, and will not pour cold water on others.

It’s an art of speaking. I think it’s very


If you need to make yourself remember
something, you can associate it with something that is obviously unusual. This
way, when you notice obvious anomalies, you will remember it.

For example, if you need to take out the garbage
before going to bed, you put the pillow at the foot of the bed. This way, once
you find that the pillow is not in the right position, you will think about
taking out the garbage.

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