What psychological tricks can I use to make someone with me?

1. If you want your partner (both men and women can use) to listen to you, do what you want. Don’t preach to him, talk about him, criticize him, learn to praise him, and grasp the details to boast. The more specific the better, let him feel that you understand him, recognize him, and trust you.

2. If you want to make your relationship warm up quickly, you can take her to experience some exciting and thrilling activities, such as roller coasters, pirate ships, and watching horror movies. People’s heart rate will accelerate at this time, and their subconscious will often feel that their heart rate will be accelerated when they are with you.

3. Pay attention to the eyes. Sometimes the psychological hints given by the eyes are very real. Look at the girl face to face. If the girl’s eyes dodge and dare not look at you directly, and the corners of her mouth still have a smile, then the girl’s heart is fond of you.

4. When you attend a speech, a meeting, or a collaboration, you can dress yourself up. People always have a sense of trust and recognition for people with good image. This is the “halo effect”. People always have a subconscious trust in bright people.

5. If you date a girl and she keeps rolling her hair and playing with the ends of her hair, it shows that she is not interested in the current dating project, or even tired, and you need to change some interesting dating items.

6. If a girl accidentally raises your hair and then smiles at you, she wants to attract your attention. You can try smiling at her or chatting with her.

7. If you want to invite others and you are afraid of being rejected, don’t ask them whether they want to come out to play or if they have time. You can ask them whether they want to go to the movies or the amusement park and give them the choice, not the decision.

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