What relationship facts should everyone know before getting married?

It is said that
marriage is the grave of love. In the face of marriage, you will be hesitant.
In fact, the relationship between the two sexes is very delicate, there are
many secrets hidden. Let’s take a look at some amazing facts in the
relationship today! Must see before marriage!


Love lasts only a
year or so.


If you marry after
the age of 23, the divorce rate will be greatly reduced.


Still be yourself
in your marriage.


Empathy with your
partner’s emotions can help your marriage.


The greater the
age difference, the less likely it is for two people to divorce.


Marriage is not
only to find a person to share the pressure of life, but also spiritual


Doing housework
together can reduce marital conflicts.


Love is not enough
to be the foundation of a happy marriage.


Don’t deal with
differences in the form of arguments.

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