What scares you most in life?

It’s normal for a mother to take pictures of her baby. However, recently, a mother in Florida in the United States showed a picture of her daughter, which made people fear.

This picture of a lovely little girl was made into an adult doll and sold on the Internet with the same hairstyle, clothes, striped socks and even the bear doll nearby.
The girl’s mother cried when she saw it. She was distressed and frightened. She said that she couldn’t imagine those perverts who took pictures of her daughter and made them into dolls and sold them.
At present, after complaints, Amazon has been removed from the shelves, but the mother also left a psychological shadow.
I think this kind of thing, put on any mother, will feel broken down, their hard to protect the child, the villain has been used in this way to seek money. The mother will no longer dare to release her daughter’s picture on the Internet, which will be a nightmare for the little girl.
Therefore, the world is not really all kind-hearted people, some people will really do for their own interests frightening shocking things, hope these bad guys can be convicted by law, because hurting children is really the thing that all people with conscience can’t tolerate. I also hope that the adults adored by children in the world are kind super hero. Thank you.

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