What seemingly useless but interesting inventions are around you?

For netizens all over the world, when they
mention inventors, they will surely think of Edison. But recently, for Japanese
netizens, when they mention invention, they will also think of a person, a
beautiful girl,
ちゃゆき. Japanese netizens are impressed with her because her inventions
don’t seem to be so useful.

ちゃゆきis an idol of Japan idol organization “the banana
monkeys”. When she was a child, her dream was to be a cartoonist, but
later she felt that it was too much trouble, so she backed away and turned to novelists.
Then, she became an idol……..

What really makes her popular on the
Internet is not that she is an idol, but her various low-cost inventions. Her
inventions seem to be very useless, but nevertheless, because of the fun, her
various creative inventions posted on the Internet are also very popular, with
more than one million compliments, and are praised by fans as true genius.

For example, the following design seems to
be just playing the accordion.

However, in fact, it is secretly drinking.

There’s also this: stealing lunch boxes in
class that won’t be found.

The appearance is as like as two peas in
English dictionaries.

In fact, it is an English dictionary.

Dig out the inside to fill the rice, two
pencils as chopsticks, boy, Shawshank’s box lunch, salute the classic.

It’s a low-cost route. Sometimes a piece of
tape can make an invention.

For example, moldy tape that prevents cakes
from being eaten by others.

If you stick a circle around the cake like
this, people will mistakenly think that the cake is moldy, so they won’t eat

Unexpectedly feel a little bit of use??!!

Also useful is the anti stealing umbrella:

Japanese like to use this kind of
transparent umbrellas because they all look the same, and they are often taken
away by people on the pretext of confusion. However, the umbrella designed by
the world says “I am an umbrella thief”. They fight their own
umbrellas squarely and don’t care about other people’s eyes. But the thief has
a ghost in his heart, and he certainly dare not choose this one.

What’s more, this little anti sexual
harassment dress:

Looking at nothing, I feel like an ordinary
black skirt, but actually it is full of nails.

Only in the lesson of hooligans at the same
time, they are also vulnerable to injury.

In addition, she also invented a special
schoolbag for primary school students to say hello.

Just last week, ちゃゆきalso
launched her latest masterpiece, the device of eating pocky game in the current
epidemic situation.

The material is still simple. Stick a piece
of straw on each side of the plastic plate, and then insert two pocky on both

It avoids direct contact and retains the
fun of playing games.

Although these inventions will not really
be used, but the creativity is absolutely full score, and it does bring a lot
of joy to netizens.

Seriously, I’m kind of looking forward to
her next useless invention.

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