Why does my husband keep talking to another woman?

Two days ago, a British lady sent a private message on my what’s app. Her husband had an extramarital affair and the other was a neighbor’s aunt who was 20 years older than him. Numerous quarrels brought this marriage to an end. So she asked me what she should do?
For the convenience of narration, I will share the personal message of this British lady in the first person.

Dear Cynthia, hello. I am a housewife who has been married for 12 years and now has two children. Maybe it’s been married for a long time, and now the relationship is more prosaic. It was about two months ago that I found out that he was playing with his mobile phone more and more. He kept saying that he was just chatting with his colleagues. One night, it was already two o’clock in the morning. He was still chatting with his mobile phone. It was very abnormal. I was very uneasy and took advantage of his sleep to peek at his mobile phone. I guess I didn’t have a photo of a naked woman in my photo album.

What was surprising was that the woman was a picture of an aunt in his neighborhood who was in her 50s and had a 5-year-old granddaughter. Later, I woke up and questioned him. I explained that because he went to his aunt’s house and saw her take a bath, I borrowed this to ask for a picture. I thought that the living conditions of the neighbors were good, and they wanted to threaten to obtain property with photos.

A silent man

I wanted to get a divorce, but he cried and begged me, and I didn’t want to leave the two children. Later I forgave him. At that time, in my sight, he did not contact the old woman again, but once he came home drunk, I asked him why he came home so late. He explained that he didn’t take a taxi but walked straight back from his meal, drank too much and sat in the car for half an hour. It’s not right. I peeked at his cell phone while he was asleep. As a result, he and that aunt’s old friendship revived. The chat record is full of words like “I miss you”, “I love you”, “make love” and “dear”.
It’s really humiliating for a 30-year-old woman, a 50-year-old woman that he can’t forget. He had been in touch with her all the time, and my husband kept talking to another woman, and I couldn’t stand it any more.

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Perhaps from the first time he saw a neighbor bathing, the seeds of evil had been planted. At present, we are separated, so he has been reluctant to rent out. I sleep in the car every night. It’s winter. It’s about 0 degrees outside. I admit that I am a soft hearted person, very kind. Pay more for the family.

He usually does not perform well. He goes home to play games like mobile phone, games, Kwai Fu and so on. I know that reason should insist on divorce. But I didn’t go any further. In a situation where you can’t go on living together and you don’t get divorced.
So can you help me tell me what I should do?

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Kiss the silent woman behind
My reply:
Hello, thank you for your trust. For your question, I would like to say that for a man, a woman in her fifties wants to have a try. He wants to have relationships with women of different ages and satisfy his different desires. This may happen according to the needs of each man. You just think that the other person has a relationship with a woman in her 50s, and you think you are much younger and frustrated. If the partner is in his 20s, are you more frustrated? And the only relationship between him and this woman is sexual stimulation. Really, he can satisfy different desires. Maybe he can feel his greater dignity as a man in front of this woman.
From a sexual point of view, but you want him to divorce ah, and so on, unless you firmly want to divorce, for him, should not want a divorce. Because of the freshness of sex, there are countless distances between divorce and it.
Of course, if you want to get divorced, you can understand why this man is like this. In fact, many men are still cheating. Do you want a divorce? Do you want sex with men? It depends on what you need in your marriage.
Sexual confrontation with men doesn’t mean much.
Some men are acceptable at any age. So this is not ridiculous. The marriage of two children is not easy to leave, and men will not divorce.
If you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments section to let the lady know about your help. thank you.[read more: How to maintain marriage?]

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