What should you never buy in life?

Usually luxury gives people the impression that they are noble and luxurious, but some brands of products will make me feel that I will not buy this product for a lifetime. Of course, I can’t afford luxury……
1.This is the cooperation series launched by monocer and Valentino. If I walk on the road in this dress, I will get a lot of strange attention.
2.Trousers are good-looking, shorts are also good-looking, but why do they have to be combined?
3. Are these boots designed to keep you warm??
4. Is this short boot inspired by two cabbages?
5. Maybe that big package is for moving?
6. London designer Alex Mullins designed a pair of jeans called wiggly jeans.
7.American Cowboy brand carmar denim launched the new jeans some time ago. Let’s have a look and tell me, what’s the difference between wearing and not wearing!
8. The price of this shirt is $1095!! First of all, I won’t buy it. Secondly, I can’t afford it. Ha ha ha ha

9. Maybe I don’t understand fashion. Although this pair of trousers is very cheap, I can afford it, but I won’t buy it either!!

Style and price are probably the main reasons why I won’t buy these things.

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