What was a gift that made you speechless?

This is a story that a Chinese friend of mine shared with me. For the convenience of introduction, I will tell it in the first person.


My birthday is coming. My boyfriend asked me what kind of gift I wanted. It happened that I had a crush on Chinese style clothes recently, and then just bought a new set of Chinese style skirt, I sent the picture to him. It seems that the clothes I bought are like this…..

After seeing it, my boyfriend said that he was going to send me a pair of shoes with the same Chinese style to match this skirt. I was very happy.


Although the boyfriend’s aesthetic is not very good, but I think it’s just a pair of shoes. I thought It will be like this………


Or it’s like this………



I received a pair of embroidered shoes.

This kind of shoes are very old and uncomfortable to wear. Ask my friends and they all say it’s really ugly……….

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