What was something you saw at a club that you weren’t supposed to see?

The most impressive memory is that once we drank all night to the last one to drink the wake-up soup, and finally our friends settled the bill inside. A group of us first went outside to smoke. As a result, we saw a woman next door staggering out of the road and began to take off her clothes. It was early autumn, and it was cool in the early morning, but the girl didn’t wear much clothes, and the public didn’t respond to it Then he took off his underwear

The girl’s good figure caused a burst of cheers from the men around her, accompanied by whistling, and even someone took out their mobile phone and started recording video. It was a street with many pubs. Many of them had large windows on the ground. People kept watching this scene to join in the fun, but no one came forward to stop it.

We were drinking with a boy who was my friend’s cousin, but about our age, only four or five months younger than us. He grabbed his coat and rushed out at the moment the girl was about to unbutton her bra. He quickly squatted down beside the girl and wrapped her up with his coat.
But the girl must be drunk, holding a friend’s cousin began to kiss us. We can’t pull her away. I can’t help but call the police. Then it was probably the girl who woke up and began to stigmatize the boy for trying to rape her.
The police wasted all night dealing with this, and I was really shocked by this drunk woman. She was well intentioned to help her, and she didn’t want to take responsibility and stigmatized others. I don’t know if the boy will help others in such a situation in the future.

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