What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country?

I remember when I first went to Nepal, I heard that the paspatina temple there was very spectacular, so I planned to visit this place.
Then I saw a lot of people sitting around in front of all kinds of utensils full of food. I thought it was the local people who had a picnic there. I also considered whether or not to join them with friends because the food they brought seemed delicious.
But because I was a foreigner, I didn’t want to join them. After consulting the local people, I found that the clergy was specially invited to pray for their loved ones, to express their good wishes. This is a very sacred thing. Now think about it. Fortunately, I didn’t join the ceremony because of the delicious food, because it was a kind of behavior that did not respect the dead. I felt embarrassed for my behavior.

So before you go to a strange country or place, you must know more about the local culture, customs and history. In this way, we will not do some embarrassing things because of our ignorance, nor will we behave impolitely to the local people.

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