What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken by accident?

This is a group of photos of the childhood scenes of Chinese children during the period of reform and opening up.

The little girl kept her eyes open when she was doing eye exercises;

On summer afternoons, little boys gulp on cold orange soda;
After school, lie on the chair in front of the house to do homework;
Fighting with a toy gun, surrounded by China’s 1970 panda trash can;
Pupils at the end of class;
Spring, together into the back of a small truck to go out for an outing;
Chinese children are practicing national musical instruments;
Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe girls who practice acrobatics in the air, acrobatics is like the performance of a circus;
This is a book stand. There are a lot of magazines and picture books on the side of the road. You can read them at a very low price. Not only adults, many children will go to borrow books, on the roadside looks like;
Children will play together after school;
Children who go to the seaside on holiday with their parents;
Many children will make an appointment to go swimming by the sea;

Neighbors practicing Tai Chi together;

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