What’s the best way to deal with heartbreak?

Sometimes you feel sad when you are lovelorn, not because of the person
who has been separated, but because of the beauty that the past brings to you. What you can’t get out of the
room is the moment full of joy.

The reason why you are sad is that at the moment of breaking up, you are
afraid that no one can bring you the heart that he once gave. To put it
bluntly, you are afraid that you will never meet another soul like him. Some precious things, used for
a long time, have problems, you still want to mend and keep using, because you
know it has memory.

It will always remind you, the first time you bought it back, what kind
of memories you have. Only completely lost, it and that memory will be sealed
up together, your life will start again from this moment.

To get out of the shadow of lovelorn, we must accept that people are
always lonely and will grow old alone. The people who come and go in life are
just passers-by.

Because of the people who are upset by lovelorn, please don’t believe
what you feel now. These sadness will be nothing in five years. Make a decision
not to lightly regret, the loss of the eyes is only a small ditch, ahead of you
is the stars sea.

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