What’s the incredible news you’ve ever heard?

Today, I saw a Japanese social news that was full of question marks, no matter from which point of view. A 69 year old Japanese woman reported to the police that white bones were found in her home. After investigation, she may be her brother who has been missing for five years???

After the police arrived, they found the remains of one of the disordered houses, which had turned white and had no clothes on. According to the police investigation, the head of the house is mo Yongshou Meinan (71 years old), and his three brothers and sisters live in the house. The appearance of the body looks like a person living here, so the police speculate that the white bone belongs to the head of household, Mr. Mo Yongshou Meinan.

Because her brother disappeared five years ago. In the following year did not see my brother back, just went to the police station to report my brother missing. After that, her brother never showed up. She thought it might be that he started a new life in another place, so her sister still lived her own life, and the room used by her brother was always empty there.
Recently, because my brother is coming back, I’m going to clean my brother’s room in order to live for him. As a result, after opening the door of the room, bones were found inside! She didn’t think it might be her brother, so she called the police directly.
Seeing this, I believe many people like me think that this news makes people feel very strange. Why didn’t you call the police after five years of disappearance? Did the corpse rot without smell?
Japanese netizens also raised a lot of doubts.

What’s going on? Is the elder brother died in the room, the younger sister did not notice, but thought he was missing? Or did my brother go home and die?

Isn’t this a strange case? Since the missing person was reported, his room should have been searched at that time? Even if it is buried in it, it should be found out soon. There are so many doubtful points in this case. I feel that it will develop into a homicide.

Live together but did not find the elder brother has died, also did not notice the corpse stink, finally discovered is the white bone??? I don’t think their life is very messy. Otherwise, it would be terrible to live with the body!

Although the police speculated that the white bone was the head of the household, the identity, age, gender, and whether it was related to homicide or not had to be investigated before it could be released. Still curious about the follow-up…………

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