Which 10 things we should never do?

1. Dare not
refuse others 

people are afraid to offend others and dare not to refuse others’ requests
easily, even if they are not supposed to ask for help. 

    Because they dare not refuse others, their
energy and time can not be concentrated in their own field, and such people are
often regarded as bullies.

2. Always like
to say “it’s impossible”

who love to say that it is impossible will first set a limit for themselves, so
how can we talk about a breakthrough?

3. Procrastination

people like to postpone everything until the deadline, even after the deadline.
People who do not have the consciousness of deadline are people who are
extremely lack of work quality.

4. Hesitant to
do things, let opportunities flow away in vain

prudent person never hesitates when making a decision. He who hesitates is
often the most insecure person. It is because of the instability of his work
that he will be flustered and let the opportunity pass by again and again.

5. Dare not
take risks, always afraid

people love to take risks, and they have failed countless times, but what can’t
kill them only makes them stronger.

6. Work only
three minutes heat, can not adhere to

matter what you do, you can’t give up halfway. It’s better not to start or
regret it.

7. Easy to

to escape, easy to retreat, doomed to no way to make achievements. Life is not
going to be brilliant.

8. You can’t
stop learning   

improve their knowledge and ability, stop learning is to stop exploring the world.

9. Find reasons
for what you’ve done wrong

matter what goes wrong, first of all, you should reflect on yourself to see if
you are not doing well enough to make mistakes, instead of looking for reasons
to shirk responsibility.

10. Don’t make
fun of others

honest and kind person with his own values and world outlook will not make fun
of others. He should believe that everyone has his own advantages.

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