Who is the lowest status person for whom you have the highest respect

The person I respect most is a Chinese. His name is Yuan Longping. In China, everyone knows him because he has made great contributions to food.
Malthus, a British economist, has briefly analyzed an important feature of agricultural society: the growth of grain is algebraic, while the growth of population is geometric. Population theory, published in 1798, said: “the growth of population exceeds the supply of food, which will lead to the decrease of food per capita, and the weakest will starve to death.”

When there are problems in political governance, excessive demands on the people, or large-scale disasters, the problem of food shortage will be highlighted. Food shortage, in other words, is overpopulation. In any way, we must eliminate a part of the population, which is determined by material conditions. The political revolution achieved this result in the most violent way of war.
The above can see how important agriculture is to the development of a country, especially a large agricultural country. Yuan Longping, as a well-known agricultural scientist, has spent his whole life cultivating hybrid rice, feeding 1.3 billion people in China.

Yuan Longping has been engaged in the research of hybrid rice for half a century, and he has made great contributions to solving the food problem of Chinese people. Yuan Longping’s outstanding achievements not only belong to China, but also influence the world.

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