Who is the most savage person in history?

In the 15th century, Spain in Europe was a world-famous destroyer of civilization. After the Spaniards expelled foreigners to rule the area, the era of great navigation began. They not only found a trade route to Asia, but also found America. Driven by the desire for money, Spain has done a lot of outrageous atrocities.
In America, Spain destroyed the Aztec and Inca empires. In the eyes of the Spaniards, the two empires and the splendid culture created by Maya were all the products of paganism and demons. As a result, Spain destroyed many beautiful buildings, destroyed the manuscripts of local civilization, and destroyed the American civilization.
In addition, the Spaniards forced the local Indians to engage in coolies and deliberately transmitted diseases to the Indians, resulting in the loss of at least 40 million people in the whole America.
Out of America, Spain conquered many island countries in Asia, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, and carried out cruel massacres there. From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Spain slaughtered Chinese three times in the Philippines, resulting in the innocent death of 100000 Chinese.
However, it is strange that Spain did not receive any punishment at that time. By plundering the colonial property, rubber, spices and occasional sugar, they developed rapidly into a big country.
Of course, in the present era of civilization and peace, Spain has begun to develop peacefully and friendly like other countries in the world. The rise of a country is always accompanied by colonialism and war. I hope that in the future world peace, cruel war and exploitation will stay a few centuries ago.

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