Why are nice people the strictest?

Why are good people strict? We can take Chinese teachers for example. As we all know, Chinese teachers are very strict, which can be said to be the most strict teachers in the world.
Because China belongs to exam oriented education, many teenagers have poor self-control, so strict teachers are needed to restrain them. This kind of work of teachers in China can be regarded as a more respectable occupation, in order to let Chinese children into a good university, so teachers must be very strict with children in learning.
A teacher’s daily work starts from entering the classroom before class every morning to understand the arrival of students in the class, the completion of homework after class, and the guidance of early arriving students’ learning arrangement and orderly activities. This is to be able to understand the learning situation of each student in time every day, and to better supervise them.
Every day, we should seriously communicate with two students, talk about their personal situation or understand the real situation of the class, so as to enhance understanding and deal with class affairs.
Inspect the students’ dining situation at noon every day to ensure the dining civilization and make every student eat as well as possible. And every day to encourage a student to make progress, whether in learning or in life. Check students’ desks after school, promote students to learn to pack up their own things, not to lose school supplies, and develop the habit of cleaning and hygiene. Chinese teachers are not only strict in their study, but also responsible for their life.
Teachers are a sacred profession, and every teacher is a good person worthy of respect. Their harshness to students just hopes that they can have a better future.

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