Why are so many decent people single nowadays?

1.     It’s too much
trouble to fall in love. You have to consider the other person’s mood

love is very sweet, but it is not only sweet, because there are emotional ties.
There are always some unhappy things or misunderstandings between two people
when they get along with each other. If two people are not able to solve this
kind of contradiction, they will not have a good mood and even become irritable
and angry because of each other. This is one of the reasons why many people
don’t want to fall in love because it’s too much trouble.

2.     There
is no one who falls in love at first sight

Love also
needs to feel, want to find a person you like to have a lifetime, but just
can’t meet the person you want. Usually work is very busy, there is no time to
go out to meet people outside. I don’t want to fall in love because I didn’t
meet the person I fell in love with at first sight.

3.     There
is no patience to understand a person

Now more
and more people don’t want to fall in love because they have no patience and
don’t want to spend time on it. Because even if you spend the time to get to
know someone, the result will not develop according to your wishes. If you
spend time and energy, you may get nothing in the end. Therefore, they are not
willing to understand and have no patience to understand a talent, which is an
important reason why many people choose to be single.

4.     The material condition does not allow
oneself to fall in love

falling in love requires capital and a certain material foundation. Both men
and women will spend more on each other after falling in love. Because after
two people together to date, to give each other gifts, these gathered together
is not a small number, for people without a stable material base, falling in
love is a luxury.

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